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Partition By Growth Table Spaces - Partición 1, el comienzo

Universal Table Space (UTS) El concepto de Universal Table Space (UTS) fue introducido en Db2 9 para unir las ventajas de table spaces particionados, donde pueden tener una capacidad mayor a 64Gb, y table spaces segmentados que tienen el beneficio de gestión de los spacemaps dentro de...

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Timestamps, Zones and Indexes by John Maenpaa

Photo by Jenny Rollo Written by John Maenpaa, Senior Manager, Health Care Service Corporation. With the recent switch over to daylight savings time, I’ve been giving some thought to the idea that we should consider our timestamps more carefully. ...

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DB2 11 for z/OS Transparent Archiving

Introduction Throughout the history of DB2 on z/OS, DB2 development has continuously improved the product so that larger quantities of data can be maintained in a single table. Nonetheless, there is certainly value in separating data that is still subject to change or referenced very...

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[D05] Using DB2 for LUW SQL PL to make it faster, better, cheaper and simpler!

DB2 for LUW SQL PL has developed a long way and now offers a rich programming environment. I will describe how I have used the newer features of SQL PL to deliver massive performance and availability improvements with federated data synchronization in a real time transactional environment over...