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DB2 SQL Enhancements You May Have Missed

Chances are that your business applications and the DB2 LUW databases that power them were built before IBM released DB2 10.1 in April 2012. While it’s no secret that the last two DB2 LUW releases delivered substantial performance gains that make upgrading to DB2 10.1 or even 10.5 a no-brainer,...

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The Power of DB2: More Than Just Tables, Views, and Indexes

During his involvement with a large compliance project the presenter, as well as designing a reasonable sized enhancement to the largest database in the shop, had to expand his knowledge and dip into the rich set of features available to provide the overall database solution utilised in terms of...

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DB2 Statistics and Data Studio (B09)

DATE: 2011-5-5 (08:30 AM - 09:30 AM) SPEAKERS: Bryan Smith (IBM Corportation) This presentation reviews DB2 access path and space statistics; why you need to collect them; and how DB2 uses the information. The real-time statistics are also reviewed and examples are given how you can use them to...


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Get a free lunch with IBM Data Studio (F17)

DATE: 2010-11-11 (11:15 - 12:15) SPEAKERS: Stewart Smith (Standard Life) I don't have a presentation ready on this topic but I have just completed an evaluation of the tool and I am now in the middle of having it packaged and distributed to our development teams where it will be used mainly on...


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versus - Using the right tool for job (C15)

DATE: 2010-11-11 (08:30 - 09:30) SPEAKERS: Serge Rielau (IBM) DB2 9.7 has greatly improved the powers of SQL PL and SQL has been quite advanced for a long time.So, with so many ways to do a job. Which way is best? It depends.In this presentation we'll tell you what it depends on.We will look at...


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Varsity SQL for the Busy DBA (E13)

DATE: 2010-11-10 (15:45 - 16:45) SPEAKERS: Fred Sobotka (FRS Consulting, Inc.) Adding just a few tricks to your SQL repertoire can save a tremendous amount of time in administering and maintaining your DB2 databases. Advanced SQL techniques aren't just for developers; by combining these...


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DB2 10 for z/OS Performance Preview (A13)

DATE: 2010-11-10 (15:45 - 16:45) SPEAKERS: John Tobler (IBM) DB2 10 for z/OS offers performance improvement, significant relief on virtual storage constraint and latch contention relief as well as further synergy with system z hardware. This presentation offers a preliminary look at performance...


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DB2 Stored Procedures - Trends and Technology (E14)

DATE: 2010-11-10 (17:00 - 18:00) SPEAKERS: Robert Catterall (Catterall Consulting) Stored procedures have been widely used for years in DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows application environments. On the mainframe side, adoption of the technology has been somewhat more limited. That situation is...