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Techniques to move Db2 data from PROD to TEST (and related considerations)

In large scale organizations, it is often necessary to move data from Db2 Production subsystems to Test subsystems. Of the various technologies that are available to achieve this business objective, circumstances determine which is most appropriate. Additionally, it is sometimes necessary to...

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Utility Enhancements in DB2 12 ESP for z/OS

There are several enhancements to Utilities in DB2 12 for z/OS, including, but not limited to: New UNLOAD Privilege New catalog field COMPRESSRATIO New REORG option to control the deletion of empty PBG partitions REORG on partitions can overflow to newly created PBG partition LOAD...

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[F14] Reduce your Application Backup Window with a Snap

In this session we will share our experience on a implementation of a new Application backup Strategy which survives through the years independent of data growth and without increasing the Application Backup window. Objective Describe the different solutions tested The different aspects...


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