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A Migration Changing the Hardware Architecture under DB2

Sometimes, a database must be moved to a new physical home. This can mean new processors, new disk subsystems or sometimes just a new design and architecture on the same hardware or same type of hardware. This article discusses these migrations and some techniques and tools available to migrate...

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SQL Search and Scroll Techniques in DB2 for z/OS (F14)

DATE: 2011-5-6 (09:15 AM - 10:15 AM) SPEAKERS: Daniel Luksetich (YL&A) This presentation will address the many different ways you can search of data in DB2 for z/OS. It's concentration will be on table and index design to support searching and scrolling, as well as various SQL coding...


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Table Partitioning Automation (D13)

DATE: 2011-5-6 (08:00 AM - 09:00 AM) SPEAKERS: Randy Goering (DST Systems Inc ) DB2 LUW 9.5 & 9.7 gives us the ability to have partitioned tables but how do you automate the creation of new partitions or the attachment and detachment of partitions. We have developed SQL Stored Procedure...


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DB2 LUW - db2advis - Miracle Worker or Monster-In-Law? (C15)

DATE: 2011-5-6 (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM) SPEAKERS: Alexander Kopac (Home Depot) The DB2 LUW Design Advisor is cool tool designed to help define suitable indexes and for testing SQL workloads. Here's a presentation that covers both the command line syntax basics and the GUI approach for making both...


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DB2 10 Application topics - A sneak preview (E10)

DATE: 2011-5-5 (09:45 AM - 10:45 AM) SPEAKERS: Suresh Sane (DST Systems Inc.) This presentation provides an early look at some DB2 10 features which will be important to you as the Application Developer or DBA. We will start with the basics and demonstrate how they can be an integral part of a...


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A DB2 hitchhikers guide to RMF and SMF. (A11)

DATE: 2011-5-5 (01:30 PM - 02:30 PM) SPEAKERS: Frank Petersen (Bankdata) This presentation will go through DB2 with focus on the related or interesting issues in RMF and SMF. There will however also be some general information on how RMF and SMF can be used to help understand general problems...


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How I Spent My Christmas Holiday Upgrading to DB2 V9.7 Fixpack 1 from V9 - Is It Worth It? (C09)

DATE: 2011-5-5 (08:30 AM - 09:30 AM) SPEAKERS: Vijay Sitaram (McKesson Corp ), Melanie Stopfer (IBM Software Group) My manager immediately approved upgrading from DB2 LUW V9.1 to 9.7 which is a well documented process and laid out the steps. After installing the code on our UAT box, results...