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How IDUG Pivoted to a Virtual Model and Doubled Its Reach

When the IDUG team decided to shift its marquee North America event to a virtual platform, it meant reimagining the whole conference experience for attendees, speakers, and vendors. As we changed plans, we kept the IDUG mission at the forefront of our thoughts. We wanted to deliver the...

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Things I Learned While Volunteering with IDUG (Part 2)

Last month I shared a few lessons I learned during my time volunteering with IDUG. Although I could fill a book with all the things I've learned as a volunteer, I'll highlight just a few more takeaways that I think could benefit everyone interested in volunteering with IDUG. After the...

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IDUG North America Conference and Data Tech Summit news

The North America Planning Committee (NACPC) has been working very hard on theIDUG DB2 Tech Conference, which will be held April 30 - May 4 in Anaheim, California. Thank you to Terry Johnson, Lenin Thandapani, Steve Rosenberger, Lenin Thandapani, Mike Inman, Mary Dever, Dustin Ratliff, Saghi...

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IDUG Charges into Summer

With a change in the weather, IDUG is also experiencing a change in leadership! I’m honored to take on the role of IDUG President for 2015/16. I would like to thank Mark Labby who has now fully retired after over 10 years of service to IDUG. His biggest accomplishment was not ever presenting at...

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Thank you!

This is the note that comes with mixed feelings as it is the last one I write as IDUG’s president. It has been an extremely busy year that has absolutely flown by with much joy. I’m not saying that previous president’s that I talk to lied about how much work there would be, but let’s say they...

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The IDUG Board of Directors slate for 2013-2014

The IDUG Board of Directors slate for 2013-2014 has been approved. IDUG is an Independent, not-for-profit, user-run organization. Volunteers run every committee, up to and including the IDUG Board of Directors. The 2013-2014 Board of Directors slate is made up of volunteers who actually...