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SQL statement for DB2 on Z; identify and create DROP statements for all aliases whose tables (or views) do not currently exist. (Uses Common Table Expression and UNION to create multi-line output)

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The awesome power of Alter table in DB2 12 for z/OS

In the early days of DB2 for z/OS, pretty much every change to a table would result in an unload-drop-recreate-load of the table. This article will talk about how the ALTER table in DB2 12 for z/OS has evolved from DB2 11 for z/OS and what you need to know from a practical point of view. In...

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Introduction to Db2 for z/OS System Profiles

System profiles are available as of Db2 for z/OS version 9, but they are still not widely used and known. However they represent quite a strong Db2 capability that can help you with a variety of needs such as managing and monitoring Db2 connections, modelling production environment, tuning...

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PBR RPN explained

PBR RPN explained. Haakon Roberts, DB2 for z/OS Development Introduction. DB2 tables continue to grow in size and these days it is not unusual to encounter tables containing tens of billions of rows. Consequently, DB2 for z/OS must continue to evolve to ensure such large amounts of data...

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Managing Multiple DB2 Instances

Managing Multiple DB2 Instances Although it may not always be considered to be a best practice, I frequently find myself working on servers with multiple DB2 instances, and I need to switch between managing databases in the different instances quite frequently. I have seen some DBAs manage...

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Integrating Data Studio with DevOps

DevOps is one of the current favourite buzzwords among IT strategists. Like many of these buzzwords, there have been many definitions. And at the end of the day, much of what it describes turns out to be similar to procedures that many of us in Enterprise IT have been following for many years...

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DB2 from an Oracle Perspective, by Enzo Cialini and George Baklarz

How can there be a DB2 perspective for the Oracle DBA? There is almost nothing more sacred than a DBA's loyalty to their database of choice, so why would you consider one DBMS over another (and trust us, the debates get heated over this)? The reality is that we are dealing with major changes...

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IBM Data Server Manager : Early User Experiences

Introduction IBM released the initial version of Data Server Manager (DSM) on Friday March 20 th 2015. DSM is IBM's new delivery mechanism for monitoring, tuning and administration of IBM database environments. It is available initially only for DB2 for LUW, supporting all currently...

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[A17] Sleep tight while CA Database Analyzer works hard

Automation tools have been used to collect detailed statistics to accurately generate the needed housekeeping procedures for space administration, reorganization among other tasks. Most customers have an increasing number of objects – and these are increasing in size too, so how do you still...