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A Beginners Guide to Locks, Latches, Claims and Drains in DB2 for z/OS by Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas of CA Technologies presents a great introduction into the world of locks, latches, claims and drains. A must see for all developers working wit Db2 for z/OS as well as all DBAs wanting to refresh their knowledge. This session will provide an introduction to how data integrity is...

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What's New In Recovery and Availability : Db2 V11.1.2.2

by: Michael Roecken and David Sciaraffa With the many new features introduced in, not to be overlooked are some of the enhancements made in the area of Recovery and Availability. The team has been hard at work: Trying to provide earlier access to your data after a...

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DB2 Virtualization with xkoto GRIDSCALE

An interview by Rav Ahuja with Albert Lee, Linda Snow, and Thomas Ansbro about achieving continuous availability and horizontal scaling for DB2 environments ... ahuja albert availabilty dallas db2 Moregrid gridscale ha idug iod lee rac rav scale-out vegas viper xkoto