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How IDUG Pivoted to a Virtual Model and Doubled Its Reach

When the IDUG team decided to shift its marquee North America event to a virtual platform, it meant reimagining the whole conference experience for attendees, speakers, and vendors. As we changed plans, we kept the IDUG mission at the forefront of our thoughts. We wanted to deliver the...

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20/20 January 2020 January 1 not only marked the beginning of a new year, it also marked the beginning of a new decade. Often this season is filled with a flurry of activity as everyone starts to play catch-up from the barrage of emails and voicemails; this year is particularly busy as...

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Change of Seasons

Change of Seasons October 2019 It is the end of September—and change is in the air. September 23 marked the first day of fall. The hustle and bustle of summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. For me, the change of seasons is a time to take stock of all the accomplishments and...

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Transparent Data Encryption

There have been several high visibility data exposures in the news over the last year or so. As a Db2 DBA, one of your responsibilities is the protection of the data your business needs to run. Your auditors, internal and external, may be demanding action to protect your valuable Db2 data from...

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Db2 Architecture Overview and BLU

Here is Keri Romanufa with a presentation covering the architecture of Db2, including what is new with Db2 11.5 IhV4

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Usando caracteres UNICODE, sin importar el encodamiento del script en Db2

En la actualidad reconocemos una gran variedad de idiomas, ya sean lenguas vivas o lenguas muertas, donde muchos de estos idiomas tienen su propio conjunto de caracteres. El hecho de poder manipular mensajes en cualquier idioma ha sido uno de los desafíos informáticos desde sus orígenes, y con...

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Making JSON with SQL Functions

In our connected world, we send and receive messages with other businesses using different formats. One message format, JSON, is relatively new to the mainframe. This presentation will discuss ways to work with JSON documents using SQL functions. The emphasis is on building, storing, and parsing...

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IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Malta offers world-class education

Written By Fred Sobotka, Db2 Gold Consultant, FRS Consulting This week’s IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Malta offers world-class education that not only brings DBAs and developers them up to date with Db2, but also helps them navigate the landscape of data science, fast data, regulatory...

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