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New IDUG Tech Talk - DB2 for z/OS Disaster Recovery for the Rest of Us

Join Judy Ruby-Brown as she gives a thorough overview of system level backup and using FlashCopy for disaster recovery as provided by various vendors. This presentation is quite thorough but yet very easy to understand, even for a beginner. Judy explains the types of services that need to be...

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[F08] It could happen to YOU - scary disaster stories, lessons learned, NOTHING is impossible

There are many presentations on recovering computer systems from disasters and the need for planning BUT what exactly ARE these disasters? This presentation will give you the opportunity to learn from other people’s misfortunes that NOTHING is impossible, and even the most improbable events can...


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The Day After

Data protection and business continuity are the keys to business survival especially in banking. Being open for business in the shortest time after some kind of disaster occurred and having no data loss are high priority demands.This presentation will introduce the audience with the overview of...