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SQLAdria Virtual Event 2020

Registration is open for SQLAdria virtual event, November 25-27, 2020 Check the agenda! Highlights: - 2 Db2 for zOS Days - Db2 (LUW) Day - great speakers: Namik Hrle, Peter Hartman, Jorn Thyssen, Frank van der Wal, Diego Cardalliaguet, Patrick Becker, Jan Marek, Andreas...

 Nov 25, 2020 09:00 AM - Nov 27, 2020 05:00 PM CET

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Techniques to move Db2 data from PROD to TEST (and related considerations)

In large scale organizations, it is often necessary to move data from Db2 Production subsystems to Test subsystems. Of the various technologies that are available to achieve this business objective, circumstances determine which is most appropriate. Additionally, it is sometimes necessary to...

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Autonomic computing in DB2 for z/OS : myth or reality ?

Introduction Over the years, there has been a lot of evolution in DB2 for z/OS : packages, compression, datasharing, triggers, large objects, unicode support, memory management, PBG tablespaces … In the 90’s, focus was on scalability and availability. As for the RBA extension, most of the...

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How to innovate your DB2 for z/OS utility environment

Self-managing DB2 databases The concept of automating routine database tasks is not new. It has been theorized, discussed and written about for several decades. But, true self-managing or autonomic capabilities have been slow to be developed and adopted and put into practice use. There...

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DBI Software pureFeat™ Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2® LUW

Introduction Thank you IDUG for the invitation to contribute an article about DBI Software’s pureFeat™ Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW. For the past four consecutive years, Database Trends and Applications Magazine (DBTA) has honored DBI pureFeat as one of its Top 100 Trend...

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SAP and DB2: Where are they headed?

When Oracle bought Peoplesoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards, an opportunity arose for IBM and SAP to work together to provide a superior ERP offering. SAP sales representatives received compensation for selling DB2, and many large companies migrated from Oracle to DB2. SAP and IBM have held joint...

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Recovering Accidentally Dropped Table

One of the most painful experiences in the work life of a database administrator (DBA) is probably the accidental drop of a database object on a production subsystem. Most IT shops have procedures to prevent this occurrence, yet it still happens. When it does happen, it is crucial to recover the...

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DB2 for z/OS Native DDF REST services

Applications focused around mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in large enterprises. RESTful APIs pay an important role in this area. From the following whitepaper, learn how you can expose DB2 functionality through RESTful APIs that are fully integrated in the DB2 distributed...

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Letting Data Relationship Visualization “Rock” the Mainframe

When we compare past methods of mainframe data analysis to the capabilities of modern data relationship visualization software , it’s amazing how much more information a well-designed visualization can provide. I recently attended a seminar of Edward Tufte—a statistician, artist and...

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DB2 11 and 12 for z/OS Native REST Compatibility!

Many of us are familiar with the ability to call a DB2 for z/OS service via REST API and z/OS Connect. While this seams highly attractive, many DB2 professionals are a bit uncomfortable with including an additional product, z/OS Connect, in the mix. In addition to that, the DB2 Adaptor for z/OS...