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Migrating a database using continuous rolling forward

In most traditional migrations towards a new environment, one will most probably come up with the most current ideas to get the job done, but what about migrating a multi-terabyte sized database with a minimal down time? First, we opted to set up HADR, but that would imply a second down time...

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Things I Learned While Volunteering with IDUG (Part 2)

Last month I shared a few lessons I learned during my time volunteering with IDUG. Although I could fill a book with all the things I've learned as a volunteer, I'll highlight just a few more takeaways that I think could benefit everyone interested in volunteering with IDUG. After the...

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Things I learned while volunteering with IDUG (Part 1)

The announcement of the new Board of Directors slate in the IDUG monthly newsletter reminds me that my presidential term is almost over. Although the past year has been challenging and demanding from time to time, it was a very valuable experience—as has been most of my service with IDUG. It's...

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A Migration Changing the Hardware Architecture under DB2

Sometimes, a database must be moved to a new physical home. This can mean new processors, new disk subsystems or sometimes just a new design and architecture on the same hardware or same type of hardware. This article discusses these migrations and some techniques and tools available to migrate...

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[F08] It could happen to YOU - scary disaster stories, lessons learned, NOTHING is impossible

There are many presentations on recovering computer systems from disasters and the need for planning BUT what exactly ARE these disasters? This presentation will give you the opportunity to learn from other people’s misfortunes that NOTHING is impossible, and even the most improbable events can...