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The Db2 Parallel Universe

DB2/LUW is a relational database the can be used for many types of applications, from operational systems running very high number of users and transaction to data marts and large data warehouses. DB2 is particularly good at running complex query and analytical processing on a variety of...

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DB2 LUW Version Preview Features by George Baklarz

DB2 LUW Version Preview Features It's inevitable that you see a couple of DB2 Fix Packs every year and place the readme document in a drawer somewhere for perusal later when you are not busy. While the Fix Packs may contain fixes (well that is what they are primarily meant for,...

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DB2 11 ESP for z/OS DPSI Performance Improvements

DB2 11 for z/OS DPSI Performance Improvements By Toine Michielse, IDUG DB2 11 White Paper Editorial Committee Introduction With large tablespaces, well designed NPIs are a blessing to improve the performance and cost of queries against those tables. At the same time, they pose a...

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