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Tuning with Virtual Indexes - A Brute-Force-Appoach

REXX-Library that contains scripts of presentation 'Tuning with Virtual Indexes - A Brute-Force-Approach' at IDUG 2015, Dublin. Please see presentation for details. For problems, questions or comments please contact me at Kind regards, Rolf Drees 30.11.2015...


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REXX to find subsystem wide allocated space for DB2 z/OS

This REXX takes SSID as an argument, queries SYSIBM.SYSSTOGROUP to get a list of unique VCAT names and uses ISPF LM services to report the total allocated space in tracks. A sample Batch JCL has been provided. This REXX comes without any warranty and released under GNU GPL license. If you...

Library Entry
RXSQL: Process SQL file input from a file with LRECL > 72

This Rexx program frees you from the input LRECL restrictions imposed by SQL processing utilities such as DSNTEP2. It accepts non-Select SQL statements from an input file of any LRECL less than 32K. Each input record must contain a complete SQL statement and is passed to DB2 for processing via...


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