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Advanced Query Tuning with IBM Data Studio

Advanced Query Tuning with IBM Data Studio by Tony Andrews Do you make any New Year's resolutions? In case you don't have any Db2 related, we have a suggestion for you. What if you start the New Year with improving the performance of your SQL queries? Learn more about the advanced query tuning...

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Tuning with Virtual Indexes - A Brute-Force-Appoach

REXX-Library that contains scripts of presentation 'Tuning with Virtual Indexes - A Brute-Force-Approach' at IDUG 2015, Dublin. Please see presentation for details. For problems, questions or comments please contact me at Kind regards, Rolf Drees 30.11.2015...


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Cutting SAP Down To (a Manageable) Size

Cutting SAP Down To (a Manageable) Size The DBA wouldn’t touch it as there are 83,000 tables in SAP. He was busy with other applications, and he had no time in dealing with a big package that was a mess. During development, there had been no DBA assigned to the project, and now it was time for...

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[F01] DB2 10 Buffer Tuning Using DB2 10 and 11

This session discusses how to tune DB2 buffer pools using DB2 10, with some insight into future changes coming in DB2 11. We'll discuss the various techniques for managing DB2's deferred writes and how DB2 11 will enable you to more effectively protect your OLTP buffer hit ratios while DB2...


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[F02] Application Performance – Tuning, Trending and Testing

It seems to be a constant battle to ensure that DB2 applications are running at their optimum efficiency and speed, but what are the factors that affect this efficiency. This presentation looks briefly at those aspects of application coding, development and execution that have a bearing on the...


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[F06] Explaining Tuning Results to the C-level

Although the DBA’s tuning efforts often result in both a decrease of CPU consumption and end user response times, the percption of DBA activities at the C-level sometimes is more of the kind “why didn’t they do that before?”. This presentation helps you to better understand the C-level...


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DB2 for LUW Performance: Buffer Pool Tuning

For as long as I've been involved with IDUG, performance tuning has always been one of the most popular subject areas for conference presentations and technical articles. From the wide range of possible topics in this area, two perennial favourites are buffer pool tuning and indexing strategies....

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IO perfomance and DB2 for zOS

This presentation is about the description of the IO infrastructure; its performance and tuning in a Mainframe environment from a DB2 DBA point of view.