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IDUG Tech Talk: The ABCs of Filter Factors (aka Selectivity)

Tuning of SQL queries requires understanding why DB2 chose a particular access path and determining whether or not that access path should perform as expected. The key to this is understanding what filter factors are, how they are used by the Optimizer and how to get DB2 to better estimate them ...

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The IDUG Community

The President of IDUG and IDUG members talk about the benefits of being part of the International DB2 Users Group community. ... education help idug learn members president training video dallas 2008

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Senior DBA Mark Mulligan Talks DB2

Mark Mulligan, senior DBA for a large insurance company talks about his experiences with DB2. ... db2 idug insurance mulligan scalable video luw

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Discussing IBM DB2 with Bashir Khan

Bashir Khan is the Executive Director of Data Management and Business Intelligence at Dow Jones. He explains why his company chose IBM DB2 and why they continue to use it. ... benchmark db2 dow ibm idug jones khan oracle sql video viper luw

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DB2 is Easy to Learn

DBAs and other technology professionals tell us why they use DB2 and how easy it is to learn. ... db2 easy idug khan learn mulligan stuhler turpin video LUW viper z/OS Oracle SQL

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Dissecting DB2 with Julian Stuhler

Principal Consultant at Triton, Julian Stuhler addresses DB2's ease of use, compression capabilities, TCO, etc.. ... db2 compression ease idug stuhler triton use video viper luw IDUG TCO