IDUG NA 2024 Db2 Tech Conference Workshops & Hands-On Labs

Sunday, 23 June

Full Day: 9:00 am - Noon / 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Featuring Anthony Ciabattoni & Robert Tilkes, IBM | Db2 for z/OS
The targeted audience would be Db2 System Programmers, Db2 DBA’s and performance analysis. The session will focus in on the important Db2 system and application metrics, where to find them, how to calculate and industry standard rule of thumbs guidelines. It will be an interactive workshop and customers are encouraged to have access to their own statistic and accounting reports for discussion. Real life system and application monitoring Db2 for z/OS SWAT team success and war stories will be shared.

The workshop will concentrate what is important for a customer to monitor, which includes exception reporting, metric deviations, and trend analysis.

Anthony Ciabattoni is an IBM Certified Executive IT specialist and a current member of the Db2 for z/OS Development SWAT team based out of the Silicon Valley Lab with over 29 years of working directly with Db2 for z/OS. His experience includes be a customer lead Db2 architect as well as working in the Db2 for z/OS Tools development lab. He is a recognized Db2 for z/OS SME, 12+ years a member of the IBM Db2 for z/OS Customer Advisory Council and elected 9 straight years as an IBM Information Champion before joining IBM. In Anthony’s current role as a Senior technical advocate for Db2 for z/OS Development Lab he conducts consulting and educational workshops, Db2 health checks, and 360 Continuous Availability studies for worldwide Db2 for z/OS customers as well as a lab advocate to some of IBM’s largest North American customers. He has also presented Db2 topics at IBM worldwide conferences, IDUG (NA, SA, EMEA) and SHARE Conferences (US). Participated in authoring numerous Db2 for z/OS red books and white papers.

Robert Tilkes is a current member of the IBM Db2 Development SWAT Team with 30+ years of experience in System z/Mainframe environment primarily in Db2 for z/OS as a System Engineer/DBA. Prior to working for IBM was a Lead, System Engineer 12+ years. During that time focusing on strategy, best practices, and proof of concepts. Also, led the Db2 for z/OS through 2 federal audit/compliance findings and remediation. Also implemented Db2 for z/OS Native Rest Service in conjunction with z/OS Connect to modernize the access to DB2 for z/OS assets creating restful APIs. At both former employers developed extensive experience installing, using, and supporting Db2 ISV Tooling.

Featuring Calisto Zuzarte, IBM | Db2 for LUW

This presentation looks at formatted EXPLAIN snippets to give you tips on how to identify and address query performance issues both in the context of OLTP and Warehouse environments.

While there are common considerations, the presentation will highlight differences between the use of row-oriented tables (OLTP) and column-oriented tables (warehouse).

Other considerations include identifying bottlenecks and providing tips on writing SQL for performance.

Calisto Zuzarte is a Senior technical Staff Member (STSM) and a Db2 architect. He covers Query Optimization and Performance. He has 60+ patents and 60+ research publications to his credit primarily in the area of Query Optimization.

Featuring Roger Sanders, IBM | Db2 for LUW

This hands-on workshop is designed to give participants an opportunity to "test the cloud waters" by provisioning a Db2 on Cloud Lite (free) plan database on the IBM Cloud, creating a couple of tables and populating them with historical airline delay information gathered for all airports in the United States, and analyzing that data using the IBM Watson Studio Lite (free) plan in the IBM Cloud to determine whether the perceived increase in flight delays in 2022 and 2023 was a reality, or just an illusion fostered by the significant reduction in travel caused by the Coronavirus pandemic during the years 2020 and 2021.

In addition to performing hands-on exercises, workshop participants will learn about digital transformation and application modernization (and what IBM is doing to help Db2 users in these efforts), how to migrate existing on-premises Db2 databases to a cloud environment, how to use Jupyter Notebook – a tool that is popular with data scientists – to interact with a Db2 on Cloud database, and how to take advantage of “containerized” Db2 databases using tools like Click-To-Containerize and Db2U.

Roger E. Sanders is a Principal, Learning Content Development – Data, AI, and Storage specialist at IBM who has been working with Db2 (formerly DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows) since it was first introduced on the IBM PC as part of OS/2 1.3 Extended Edition (1991). He is the author of 26 books on relational database technology (25 on Db2; one on ODBC) and the illustrator of 3 books on Artificial Intelligence, Data Fabric, and Data Lakehouse technology. He also authored the “Distributed DBA” column in IBM Data Magazine (formerly DB2 Magazine) for 10 years and has written articles for publications like Certification Magazine, IDUG Solutions Journal, and Database Trends and Applications. Roger has also authored DB2-related tutorials and articles for IBM's developerWorks website, presented at a variety of International Db2 User’s Group (IDUG) conferences and regional DB2 User’s Group meetings, taught numerous courses on Db2 Fundamentals and Db2 Database Administration, and participated in the development of 25 Db2 certification exams.

From 2008 to 2015, Roger was recognized as an IBM Champion for his contributions to the IBM Data Management community; in 2012 he was recognized as an IBM developerWorks Master Author, Level 2 (for his contributions to the IBM developerWorks community); in 2018 he was recognized as an IBM Professions Recognized Speaker / Presenter, and in 2021 he was recognized as an IBM Redbooks Platinum Author. He lives in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina.

9:00 am - Noon
Featuring Sueli Almeida & Sowmya Kameswaran, IBM | Db2 for z/OS

Bring Db2 to you is the theme for the Db2 for z/OS transformation journey! Let’s learn and get hands on experience with the strategic database development and administration tooling for Db2 for zOS and see how the API enablement strategy of our supporting ecosystem is playing a big role in this transformation!


Sueli Almeida is an IBM Certified Thought Leader and member of Db2 for z/OS development located at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California. She has extensive experience with DB2, including database administration and systems programming. She has worked on DB2 for z/OS advanced technology and solution integration, such as Java support, its integration with WebSphere product family. Currently working on Db2 for z/OS support for Cloud provisioning Database-as-a-Services for sysprogs, DBAs and application developers/architects.

Sowmya Kameswaran works at the IBM Silicon Valley Labs in San Jose California and leads the Application developer and Administrator experience transformation for Db2z platform and ecosystem. Understanding the way users interact with the system and building interfaces to provide the best user experience is what she enjoys to do. Being hands-on into software development helps her go end to end from understanding the kind of experience customers need to getting it built.

Featuring Andrew Badgley, Broadcom | Db2 for z/OS

We hear a lot about the open mainframe, but what does it really mean?  Depending on your role and organization boundary, the definition of open mainframe can vary.  At Broadcom, our point of view on the open mainframe is essentially to enable those capabilities our customers need to effectively manage this critical component of their hybrid IT architecture, as services.  This is supported through our Database Management Data Service (DBM-DS) architecture built to be Zowe compliant, leveraging the many benefits provided by the Zowe API mediation layer.

Come join our workshop to learn best practices for standing up a DBM-DS instance which will then open the doors to many exciting use cases enabled through a web-based interactive user interface.  Topics and use cases covered will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Best practices for standing up and managing your DBM-DS instance
  • Leveraging open-source software, such as Prometheus and Grafana, to access Db2 for z/OS performance metrics that help you identify and diagnose potential issues with your Db2 for z/OS subsystems
  • Experience Broadcom's new web-based interface prototype and provide input to help influence our future direction

Andrew Badgley is the Lead Product Owner for the Database Management for Db2 for z/OS Administration, Backup & Recovery, Performance, and Utility products at Broadcom.  He has 24 years of experience with these products as Developer, Support Engineer, Support Engineering Manager, Scrum Master, and Product Owner.  His areas of expertise include Db2 Log Reporting, Data Recovery, and Database Design.  He is also the owner of the CA Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project.

Featuring Artem Minin & John Goodyear, IBM | Db2 for z/OS

See how IBM SQL Data Insights combines unsupervised deep learning with traditional SQL queries to allow you to run similarity, dis-similarity, cluster, and analogy queries on your Db2 data. You can easily uncover the hidden relationships across tables and views in your Db2 data, quickly gain actionable insights for solving your business problems as they arise, and confidently arrive at better business decisions.

We examine a food nutrition table containing detailed numerical and categorical information about a wide range of common grocery items from around the world. You will use AI SQL queries to understand which food products are most similar or dissimilar across brands and countries to help generate recommendations. Analogy queries will be used to answer questions like: “if my customer likes this product from this brand, what product would they like from another brand?” Other industry use cases across will also be explored.


Artem Minin is currently a Technical Specialist in IBM's Washington Systems Center, a team of Subject Matter Experts that provide leading edge technical sales assistance for the design, implementation, and support of solutions that leverage IBM zSystems. Specifically, Artem is responsible for implementing analytics and AI solutions.

John Goodyear is a z Systems Technical Support specialist at the Washington Systems Center. John has a broad background in application development, systems management, and benchmarking. For the past 6 years, John has been focusing on Open Data Analytics, WMLz for z/OS, Db2 AI for z/OS and CP4D.

1:00 - 5:00 pm

Featuring Brandon Jabr & John Goodyear, IBM | Db2 for z/OS

Get hands-on experience with IBM Db2 AI for z/OS; a powerful new offering built on top of IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS. Learn how Db2 AI can: Optimize SQL statements; Provide Db2 system assessments with expert guidance for tuning your subsystem; Use the Distributed Connection Controller to learn remote workload traffic and generate Db2 profiles to monitor and control remote connection access of Db2's distributed server for location, user ID, and application name; Monitor system performance with new performance insight visualization dashboard.


Vince Rabsatt is a software engineer at IBM's Silicon Valley Labs on the DB2 z/AI team. In his spare time, Vince enjoys teaching and mentoring high school and college students, spending time with his family, and traveling.

Featuring George Baklarz, IBM | Db2 for LUW

Attend this lab to learn the basics of using as well learning how to connect Db2 as a federated data source in the system. No knowledge of is required! The only requirement is that you bring your own laptop and have an IBM userid to connect into your own personal server!

George Baklarz, B. Math, M. Sc, Ph.D. Eng., has spent many years in IBM working on various aspects of database technology. In 1991, George was part of the team that introduced the Db2 distributed product to the market. Since this time he has worked on vendor enablement, competitive analysis, product marketing, product planning, and technical sales support for the Db2 product. Currently he works on the North American Technical Sales team.

Featuring Jim Endler, Broadcom | Db2 for z/OS

Are you exploring how to exploit Ansible on your DevOps journey? Or, you may be well on your way towards standardizing on Ansible.  Either way, our workshop will introduce you to a Broadcom developed Ansible collection that will empower you to automate your Db2 for z/OS Schema Management the Ansible way.

This Ansible collection will be a powerful tool to enable a developer to provision the Db2 environment needed to test an application. It also has the necessary capabilities to automate deployment of any schema changes. In this workshop you will have the opportunity for an instructor-led hands-on experience with the Broadcom DBM-Db2 Ansible collection. You will learn ways to use the collection in ad hoc mode as well as understand how to develop Ansible playbooks to achieve your goal.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Understand how Db2 Schema and data provisioning can be modernized and how it support DevOps
  • Get familiar with Ansible ad hoc commands
  • Understand Ansible playbooks and the environment in which they execute
  • Develop a simple playbook to deploy a Db2 for z/OS Schema change

Jim Endler is a Broadcom Sr. Principle Consultant, providing support for Broadcom Db2 solutions. Maintain an ongoing customer relationship to ensure Broadcom Db2 Database Management Solutions are fully exploited to support the customer's business and technical requirements.

Over 30 years of industry experience, which includes customer and development management. Experience in establishing product direction, as well as project and personnel management. Technical expertise in Db2, CICS and z/OS. Experienced in administration, performance, backup and recovery, and implementation.  

Thursday, 27 June

1:00 - 5:00 pm  
Featuring Keziah Knopp & Tori Felt, IBM | Db2 for z/OS

This lab enables  an understanding of how to leverage Db2 Native REST services in a hybrid cloud environment using RESTful APIs. Attendees will be provided with a cloud-based virtual lab environment to learn how quickly and easily RESTful APIs can be created using z/OS Connect and mapped to Db2 Native REST services. The labs teach managing and executing Db2 native REST services that use stored procedures or SQL statements to retrieve Db2 data and accessing z/OS Connect for a fully RESTful API experience.


Keziah Knopp is a Db2 for z/OS Specialist at the IBM Z Washington Systems Center (WSC). Prior to joining the WSC Keziah focused on z/OS Communications Server, writing papers, and delivering presentations on IPv6 and IBM z Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT). She has presented at SHARE conferences on communications and Db2 REST topics and is an author of the "Db2 13 for z/OS and More" Redbook. Most recently, she worked on a special project for Db2 subsystem automation, collaborating with developers and writing Python scripts.

Tori Felt is an Associate Technical Enablement Specialist in the IBM Z Washington Systems Center. As part of the Db2 for z/OS team, Tori analyzes client data, makes technical recommendations, delivers the Db2 REST and Hybrid Cloud workshop, and develops new workshop offerings.

Featuring Paul Bartak, IBM | Db2 for z/OS

Despite its perceived complexity, Db2 for z/OS can indeed become an integral part of your enterprise's DevOps processes. This workshop will delve into the necessary changes and crucial principles that will enable Db2 for z/OS to participate effectively in your enterprise's innovation deliveries. While we will use IBM's Db2 DevOps Experience as an illustrative example, the principles discussed can be broadly applied to other offerings or custom solutions.


Paul Bartak is a Distinguished Engineer with Rocket Software, focused on the tools used to maximize z/OS platform value, with an emphasis in database administration & cloning, DevOps processes and modernization. He supports multiple Db2 User Groups, has been a speaker at several IDUG, IBM Z Day, and Insight/Think conferences, is a Redbook/Redpaper author, and IBM Champion.

Featuring John Goodyear & Artem Minin, IBM | Db2 for z/OS

Want to harness the power of your organization's data by seamlessly blending mainframe and cloud environments? Keen on decreasing mainframe CPU consumption from read-only SQL inquiries? Discover Db2 Data Gate for z/OS — a powerful tool facilitating real-time Db2 for z/OS data sync for hybrid-cloud apps. This hands-on session explores Db2 Data Gate's features, including table loading, sync monitoring, and meta-data integration.

Additionally, you will explore how Db2 Data Gate integrates with, IBM’s fit for purpose data lakehouse built for scaling AI workloads. combines the performance of data warehouses with the flexibility of data lakes, to address the challenges of today’s complex data landscape.

Artem Minin is currently a Technical Specialist in IBM's Washington Systems Center, a team of Subject Matter Experts that provide leading edge technical sales assistance for the design, implementation, and support of solutions that leverage IBM zSystems. Specifically, Artem is responsible for implementing analytics and AI solutions.

John Goodyear is a z Systems Technical Support specialist at the Washington Systems Center. John has a broad background in application development, systems management, and 
benchmarking. For the past 6 years, John has been focusing on Open Data Analytics, WMLz for z/OS, Db2 AI for z/OS and CP4D.

Featuring Karthik Gopalakrishnan & Javeed Mohammed, Amazon | Db2 for LUW

This workshop is a deep dive into Amazon RDS for Db2 features and migration approach. It enables you to understand what Amazon RDS for Db2 is, how it works, and how it's different from a self managed Db2 database. This workshop provides a hands-on approach with the distinct features and capabilities in RDS for Db2.

This RDS Db2 workshop also helps you to make more informed design choices, optimize their workloads and operations RDS as opposed to the self managed Db2 environments in their datacenter or on Amazon EC2.

This workshop is intended for (not limited to): Database Administrators, Application, Developers, Architects and Database/Application Managers.


Karthik Gopalakrishnan is a Sr. Technical Product Manager at AWS. He leads the delivery of RDS for Db2 in collaboration with Engineering, GTM, Sales and Marketing teams. He is passionate about transforming customers needs and challenges into product solutions.

Javeed Mohammed is an Amazon database solutions architect and areas of expertise are RDS-Oracle, RDS-Db2 and DMS with 17 years of experience as Oracle Database Administrator

Featuring Greg Stager, IBM | Db2 for LUW
Session description coming soon!
Featuring Alan Lee & Ryan Woodard, IBM | Db2 for LUW
As of Db2, two of the four key Db2 High Availability configurations, HADR and Mutual Failover, support Pacemaker as the new cloud-ready integrated cluster manager. This workshop is designed to provide the architecture details, use cases with failover behaviours, hands-on session on setting a brand new Pacemaker cluster, converting an existing TSA cluster to Pacemaker, and a demo on how to setup VIP and cloud fencing on public cloud.  Finally, we will have a sneak peek at the remaining two HA configurations, DPF and pureScale, with Pacemaker.