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IDUG Virtual Mexico Db2 Seminar - December 10
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  • Tuesday

    IDUG Brazil Virtual Db2 Tech Seminar


    Dec 8 - 9, (BRT)
    IDUG Brazil Db2 Seminar is now virtual! We are excited to announce the IDUG Db2 Seminar has moved to a virtual model! Experience the same great sessions from the comfort of your own home or office. The two day-long event on Tuesday, December 8 and Wednesday, December 9. Registration is now open! View Brazil Event | Register Now!

  • Thursday

    IDUG Virtual Mexico Db2 Seminar


    Dec 10, 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM (MX)
    We are excited to announce the IDUG Db2 Seminar has moved to a virtual model! Experience the same great sessions from the comfort of your own home or office. The day-long event is on Thursday, December 10. More exciting details soon to come. Make your plans to attend and experience the latest in Db2 technologies, networking opportunities, and the technical content you need to be successful. Location: Online


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  • Hello Leila, perhaps you can use optimization guidelines <OPTGUIDELINES> <IXSCAN TABLE='"T_00"' INDEX='"TABLE1_IX"' /> </OPTGUIDELINES> Best regards, Joachim ------------------------------ ...

  • Just an observation. I've seen Db2 quite keen to use an index on even very low row counts – like 2. So if VOLATILE doesn't work, maybe 'lie' to Db2 a little and tell it there ...

  • I interpret the between lines section as that all of 1.8 (2014 something) should be included. Localdate has been around since the beginning so I had some hopes for it. Anyhow, ...

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