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IDUG Virtual North America 2021 Db2 Tech Conference

June 7-16, 2021

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IDUG EMEA 2021 Db2 Tech Conference

October 17 - 21 | Edinburgh, Scotland

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As the global leader in independent Db2 education, IDUG is your resource for the latest solutions in the data sphere. Learn about the technology while you connect with our vast network of users and experts.

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  • Monday

    IDUG North America Virtual Conference


    Jun 7 - 16, (ET)
    The IDUG Db2 North America Virtual Tech Conference kicks off June 7, 2021, bringing together users and experts for eight days of technical exploration, connection, and collaboration. With cutting-edge content, plus chances to connect with experts, speakers, and fellow attendees, this is the premier event for anyone looking to enhance their Db2 skills and boost their career. June 7–11, 2021 | Technical Breakout Sessions, SIGs, VSPs, Keynotes June 14–16, 2021 | Educational Seminars, Workshops, Hands-On Labs Register now!

  • Sunday

    IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference


    Oct 17 - 21, (GMT)
    Mark your calendars! EMEA 2021 is being planned for Edinburgh, Scotland October 17–21, 2021. More DETAILS COMING SOON!
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Latest Activity

  • We manage our own instances. We are on Windows in AWS so management is the same as on prem. We can use Data Studio or RDC to the windows server to issue commands on the server. ...

  • AWS does not support Db2 natively. You install it on an EC2 Linux instance.

  • Does AWS manage Db2 for you or do you fully manage your Db2? For example, how do you issue system commands? I am using Db2 on Cloud, which is in the IBM Cloud and have not found ...

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